Warriors of Dream Pursuer

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Only the person who fortunate, which willing to reading this novel, and only the person who losers who missed a golden opportunity this…

Who are the parents who want their children to mentally coolies, or mental of laborers? If you do not want, so it’s good to read  inspiring story this …


Warriors_of_Dream_Pu_Cover_for_KindleThis novel is inspired by the true story of Warriors of dream pursuer successful in achieving a dream. Warriors of  Dream pursuers successful because from the smaller already forged to think ahead and adults, in contrast to his age. The story itself begins from Enda Kiebo (14 years) was determined to break away from the shackles culture mental of coolies. Enda Kiebo’s struggle it is not easy in this country. Moreover, the cultural history of mental coolies had inherited systemically by the Dutch colonial government. The mental of coolies entrenched into one-on-one Indonesian human character. So do not be surprised, if mental of coolies is identical with poverty, and ignorance.

Enda Kiebo third generation descendants of contract coolies at ground Deli is trying hard to get out of the stupid stigma and mental of coolies who had been carried his family. Shackles contract coolies in the Land Deli gave traumatic effect that carried by grandfather Marto Kapok down to children and grandchildren had making a determination Enda Kiebo so strong. He wants to change fate line of his family and he wanted to break the saying, descendant’s poor veins, poor bone. So, he’s trying hard to be smart people.

However, Enda Kiebo’s struggle is not easy. Because, from the beginning Enda Kiebo has been dealing with Benhart (13 years) son of a plantation administrator who did not want Enda Kiebo one school with him. Benhart tried hard to thwart the intentions Enda Kiebo to school.

Enda Kiebo really lucky to have a true friend of the school, Warriors of Dream Pursuers. They are like god’s savior in the face of terror Benhart et al, as well as Ronggur (30 years) the hitman who nicknamed “The conqueror”. In fact, when Enda Kiebo was threatened punished severely by teachers Dolls (Beresman). Call it among them, Yan Utama (13 years), Indra Kusuma (14 years), Suhermanto (14 years), Ratna Sari (14 years), Elfi Zahara (13 years), Zainab Maria (14 years old), Arif Budiman (14 years old) and Julbrito (14 years).

Another luck, Enda Kiebo have extraordinary teachers, Mrs. Nursyiah, Mrs. Maria, Mr. AM Manurung, Pak M Manurung had skilling burn of soul of Warriors of Dream  Pursuers to achieve his dreams. Fighting Spirit they were trained with science of genius super whose is second to none in the world, until formed mental of superhuman character. Through the teachers who inspired it Kiebo Enda strive unmasked the secret how powerful became a genius child.

On his way, Enda Kiebo and Yan Utama tried to save Sundari (14 years old) from Ronggur disorders. Later, Yan Utama was trying to help Sundari get foster parents, in order to return to school. While, on the contrary Sundari teach Enda Kiebo, Yan and members of Warriors of Dream  pursuers develop creative minds, namely how to stringing the shell of shellfish, into a charming painting, artistic and has a high value of selling power.

Also, Kiebo Enda tries to run the trick conquered opponent (Benhart) with a soft science of pure heart. Muscle violence should not must be faced with muscles violence. Because, sometimes, muscle violence could countered with softness.

Training teacher’s extraordinary, making Warriors of Dream pursuers were able to demonstrate extraordinary creativity up to it the name of their school in event of Medan Urban Development Exhibition. Also, Enda Kiebo et al had grabbing gems of achievement as scientific writing competition winner. Very encouraging thanks to science of genius super who trained by the extraordinary teachers, Warriors of Dream pursuers can achieve his dream which actually in real life. Created by Hendra Surya.


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